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Where Can I Read More About This?

Let's start with the DNR "The Au Sable River - Mio to Alcona, Status of the Fisheries Report" http://www.michigan.gov/documents/dnr/2007-22_225164_7.pdf. If you like to fish below Mio then you really need to familiarize yourself with this document.  It is the best source of information on the Big Water.

Next comes Rollin Reineck's report on trout habitat on the Au Sable below Mio.  Here it is Rollin's_Report

Mr. Reineck's outfit is called Affiliated Researchers.  Check out their website at www.affiliatedresearchers.com  

This is not just a problem on the Big Water.  Andy Nuhfer has done great work on this topic at several sites above Mio Dam.  Here's his recent report  Au Sable temperature summary 1990-2009-FCS.pdf

Here are several links to sites that
discuss water temperature and trout survival:

Wyoming Press Release on C&R and Water Temp:

Wisconsin TU C&R Guidelines: http://www.wisconsintu.org/CPR/tabid/64/Default.aspx

Pennsylvania C&R Guidelines:


Here are some pdfs that you can download:







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We will add more information as we find it.

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